Tuesday 7th December 2021

A DIY Easter!

Here at Make Do and Mend, we stand by our ethos of making from scratch, buying second hand vintage and of course making do and mending! So with Easter just around the corner, we can’t think of a better time to have a rummage through the house for some fun and crafty making to do over the long weekend. From table decorating to bunting there’s so much you can do with some left over fabric, egg shells and boxes from eaten Easter eggs. Here is a few ideas for you to try yourself!


Bunting is a simple yet effective way to decorate your home. It looks homely, handmade and adds a creative touch to a mantle piece of wall. You don’t need any kind of sewing skills to make some bunting. Just cut out some simple triangle shapes (the more quirky the better!) and simply tack together with a needle and thread using some string or pretty ribbon. If your feeling really fancy, you can always cut out some letters and sew them onto the bunting!


If you are aiming to serve a banquet this Easter, why not hand make your own table settings for the occasion? Create your own unique table settings for your guests by using the cardboard from your Easter eggs. If you have some paint and pens in the house, you can even decorate the card with some pretty patterns to make the table settings a bit more special!


Easter wouldn’t be Easter without the classic egg shell decorating! If you’ve never done it before, just watch a short video on YouTube before the fun of the decorating begins. Instead of the classic bunny, take some inspiration from these Bowie themed eggs!


Easter egg hunt this way! Making some directions and clues is simple to do from some bits and pieces around the home. You could use old wrapping paper, card and craft bits to make the clues.